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Who we are

We are leaders who have been in your shoes: accountable for creating strategy, aligning teams, and executing to drive growth. Our process is based on what we have learned from our successful experience and is the key to being able to help companies become more relevant, align every employee with their vision, and drive certainty into the execution of their strategy.

How our approach is different

Our clients say there are 3 things that make us unique:

  • We are not lifelong consultants. We, like you, are business leaders. We built our approach from our experience in driving significant stakeholder value in organizations we have led. One of our clients said it best, “I chose them because they are business leaders who can consult, not consultants trying to be business leaders
  • We have created a repeatable process that can scale across small and large organizations
  • We support our clients throughout strategy execution because we know this is where most failure occurs

What we believe

That there is nothing more powerful than a company whose employees are laser-focused on a clear and compelling outcome and understand how what they do everyday matters in its success.

That strategic communication degrades significantly two levels below the CEO, leaving many employees unclear and disengaged with the strategy.

That while strategic thinking may be complex, its communication and delivery must be simple in order to maximize engagement and execution.

That most companies have control over the reasons their strategy fails. With a better process, they can increase the certainty of their successful execution.

That we should leave our clients’ organizations more capable and self-sufficient after they engage us.

Our history

Chuck Feltz founded Feltz & Associates in the depths of the recession in 2009 after co-authoring his first book (with Joe Calloway and Kris Young): Never By Chance: Aligning People and Strategy Through Intentional Leadership (Wiley). In retrospect, what seemed like a terrible time to start a business was in fact, just the right time, given the strategic challenges many companies faced during that volatile period.

Prior to this, Chuck was the President or CEO of multiple companies, ranging from an international start up in New Delhi, India to two $1B+ companies. He has been recognized for his innovative strategies to grow the companies he has led while simultaneously increasing the engagement of thousands of employees.

Today, he spends his time with key clients on engagements, coaching executives on strategy development and execution, and speaking at companies, universities, and conferences on the topics of business strategy, relevance, and leadership.

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